7/7/7 for The Project Formerly Known as High-Stakes

Because Michella apparently wants me to suffer through reading parts of my first draft before I need to, she tagged me for the 7/7/7 challenge.


  • Go to page 7 of your WIP (Work in Progress)
  • Scroll down to line 7
  • Share next 7 sentences in a blog post
  • After the excerpt, tag 7 other writers (or however many you’re able to) to continue the challenge

Okay, are you ready for this, everyone? It’s going to be good. Here’s an awkward family reunion for you all:

Crap. He’s coming upstairs. Abort, abort. I crawl backwards across the carpet, still clutching the bat tightly. Just as I near my bedroom door, he reaches the top of the stairs. I stand up, bat ready.
“Benjy?” he says.

Spoiler alert: that’s a family member. Not the best way to greet someone you haven’t seen in three years, Benjy!

mary margaret finds this very awkward

Thank you for this lovely challenge, Mic. If I had more friends writing manuscripts, I would have more people to tag, so for now I’ll settle for tagging:

Larissa @writer194


Tiana (who does not have a twitter)

Alright, I suppose I should go do something productive now. Bonsoir, my friends!

badass strut