Mel’s Halfway Through 2015 Reading Update

Anyone who knows me well knows that I ❤ books. So when Mic posted her halfway through 2015 book post, it made me think about the many lovely things I’ve read, and thus this post came about. So I’m going to talk about some of my favorite books I’ve read this year, and what I’m hoping to get through before the year ends.

Small note: right now I’m reading All the Rage by Courtney Summers, which is amazing. I mean, look at that cover, how fab is this?



READ IT. So good. Anyway…

Some of my favorite reads so far, in no particular order:

a thousand pieces of yousecond positioncinder

lois lane falloutWILDsaint anything

this side of homethe wrong side of right when reason breaks

finding audrey

If you haven’t read any of these, you definitely should. So good. So, so good.

And here are some of the books I’m determined to get through before the year ends. I limited it to ten because my to-read list is frighteningly long, so these are ten in particular I’m excited to get to:

hollywood witch hunternot otherwise specifiedfinding center

shadowshaper ten thousand skies summer of chasing mermaids

bad feministA Darker Shade final for Irene carry on

yes pleaseyay gif

And don’t even get me started on all the amazing-looking things coming out in 2016, because there are so many and I want them all.

Anyway, that’s my book post, so I hope you enjoyed. Anyone have recommendations? (I probably don’t need more books to read, except I totally do, so give me all the recommendations.)

evie wave




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